Sponge Bob like video for angularjs

I hate video tutorials

Please stop making video tutorials about coding subjects. Stop it or you'll go blind - no seriously. I cannot stand video tutorials. When I do a search for information on learning a new technique I dread that awful feeling when arriving at the page only to see that big rectangle with the right pointing arrow/triangle. I feel cheated.

Everything I've learnt in my professional life has been through the written word. Yep - I know. What about school/uni/college/professional courses. Sure, th...

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jade buddha

Docpad and Jade

As you may realise, this site is entirely written in Node.js using the Docpad framework. I've also started using the Jade templating plugin. Docpad is able to run a number of templating systems such as Eco or Markdown - as well as straight html. And they can all be running simultaneously within the one application (although I would imagine it might be quite tricky for a developer to be constantly switching templating systems).

A lot of node applications, however, seem to use the Jade templati...

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node.js logo


Have been playing around with Node.js a lot lately. I like what I see. The essential feature of Node is writing JavaScript on the server side and not just on the client. There’s a lot of sense to that. But there’s also a bit more to it. Making use of the whole asynchronous approach that JavaScript lends itself so well to, is also a feature that I’m liking here.

All the beginner tutorials seem to demonstrate something around the creation of a simple web server. And in my playing arounds I am n...

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Some kind of disk I/O error occurred - SQLite

I got the extremely helpful "Some kind of disk I/O error occurred" message using the System.Data.SQLite .net assembly today. This was a big SQLite show stopper. So I thought it was about time I figured out what was causing this. The error was occurring when I tried to post an update to the SQLite database in the local App_Data folder of an asp.net application. As soon as the application attempted to post the update I got the dreaded "Some kind of.." error and a SQLite journal file was created i...

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