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Welcome To My Website

Responsive Web Design

How to look good mobiled

Responsive web design is a technique for ensuring websites adapt to the device on which it is viewed. The idea is that regardless of whether the site is viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, phone or any other imaginable device, the user experience should not be compromised.

There are a number of techniques used to achieve this aim, most common is the use of fluid grid based layouts combined with “media queries” that adapt the style of the page depending on the device width.


Node.js Development

It works and its fast.

Node.js is a programming environment designed from day one for real-time web applications. It utilises the Javascript programming language already used across the web for programming pages in the browser. It also takes advantage of Javascript’s ‘ready-to-go’ implementation of asynchronicity.

Sponge Bob like video for angularjs

I hate video tutorials

Please stop making video tutorials about coding subjects. Stop it or you'll go blind - no seriously. I cannot stand video tutorials. When I do a search for information on learning a new technique ...

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jade buddha

Docpad and Jade

As you may realise, this site is entirely written in Node.js using the Docpad framework. I've also started using the Jade templating plugin. Docpad is able to run a number of templating systems such ...

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node.js logo


Have been playing around with Node.js a lot lately. I like what I see. The essential feature of Node is writing JavaScript on the server side and not just on the client. There’s a lot of sense to tha...

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default graphic

Some kind of disk I/O error occurred - SQLite

I got the extremely helpful "Some kind of disk I/O error occurred" message using the System.Data.SQLite .net assembly today. This was a big SQLite show stopper. So I thought it was about time I figur...

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