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Steve McArthur Web Development

Hi, my name is Steve. I create beautiful & functional websites for small businesses. Below are a few services I provide:

Website Development

Website development is conglomerate of skills from HTML and CSS to programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP and C# and a plethero of database systems. But most of all, it has to look good!

Responsive Design

Making sure the appearance and experience of your website is the same across all devices. The mantra is "Mobile First". Design for the mobile user first and add adjustments for the desktop user.

App Development

Websites or mobile apps that must interact with backend processes to provide your customer with the services they need over the web. This is the next step beyond web development. The focus here is user interaction.

API Integration

Often businessess need to communicate with third party services or even provide access tby third parties to their own data. The way apps communicate these services over the web is through "APIs".
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About Me

I started my professional life as a cartographer in the glory days of the Australian oil and gas industry. Cartography is a curious blend of technical and design skills. And increasingly I found myself programming repetitive tasks and displaying the results on web pages. As time went on I was creating full blown web applications and web sites. It soon became clear that this was what I enjoyed. Moving to the UK I became a full time website and database developer. I created many interactive applications and complementary webservices. The design side of the cartographer also began to kick in and I became more and more interested in the design side of website creation. These days I build websites for both pleasure and work. I'm lucky that I have all the back-end skills as well as front-end skills that you need to create any sort of site from start to finish.

Tutor Interventions

Tutor Interventions Website
Tutor Interventions is a local Tutor organisation in Leicester. The aim was to provide a web presence for the tutoring business.
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Mama Biashara

Mama Biashara Website
This was a total website redesign and move to Wordpress so that the site could be easily edited the client. One of the goals was also to include a shop function to complement the real world fundraising shop in London.
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Daisy Links Design

Daisy Links Designs Website
This is an eCommerce site with a difference. Daisy Links Designs uses its existing Etsy shop as a backend for the website using the Etsy API. All shop content, including descriptions, prices and images are pulled from Etsy and used to generate the site.
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