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As you may realise, this site is entirely written in Node.js using the Docpad framework. I've also started using the Jade templating plugin. Docpad is able to run a number of templating systems such as Eco or Markdown - as well as straight html. And they can all be running simultaneously within the one application (although I would imagine it might be quite tricky for a developer to be constantly switching templating systems).

A lot of node applications, however, seem to use the Jade templating system. I'd mostly been using CoffeeScript and Eco up until now. So I thought it was time to get into Jade. It was a bit of a learning curve. Below is the Jade code that generates the home page. You'll notice that it actually calls a Docpad "partial" written in CoffeeScript, which was actually legacy code written for a previous version of the site. The plan was to update that code to Jade - but it does demonstrate the interoperability of Docpad.

				h4 Node.js and Web Development
				h1 Steve McArthur
		.row.centered-text(style='margin-top: 4em; margin-bottom: 3em;')
					| Hi, Im Steve, a Web Developer specializing in Javascript and Node.js development.
				| Originally from Perth, Western Australia, now living in the UK.
			- posts = getCollection('posts').toJSON()
			!= partial('',{posts:posts,number_posts:3,trimTo:500})
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